About Us

Raconteur was founded on the conviction that the intelligent mass still value focused, high-quality content, expertly produced and beautifully designed. In an era when publishers are suffering from declining margins and forced to cut corners on their products, we have stubbornly gone against the tide and been resolutely committed to the strength of old publishing values such as editorship, quality long-form journalism, eye-catching design and striking photography. That’s why we obsess over cover illustrations, specialise in data journalism and infographics and only work with the most well-renowned editors, journalists and leading opinion makers – giving them the time and space to really tell stories and investigate areas in a leading way that matter in the 21st century.

Our DNA is based around passionately searching for ?information gaps that allow us to create premium products that educate audiences and broaden perspectives. A mixture of our Special Reports, online and agency division, allows us to constantly apply serious thought and consideration as to how we successfully bring first-class publishing into the new media era.

Our Publishing Values and leading editorial allow us to effectively reach and influence some of the most powerful decision makers worldwide.

Our Publishing Values

Exclusively the best writers

Quality journalism is everything to us, which is why we work with some of the world’s most renowned editors, journalists, commentators and academics across a large variety of key topics. Our global network of writers are all experts in their respective fields and valued opinion formers.

Premium production values

We obsess about producing the best finished material possible, employing award-winning journalists and designers, as well as utilising high-quality print partners. This is why we’ve earned a reputation for best-in-class publishing

Design as a differentiator

You only get one first impression when it comes to publishing, and we know that design plays a key role in driving interest and engagement. A well-designed infographic or a striking illustration can bring a piece of copy to life and is essential to successful publishing, which is why we have always strived for excellence in illustrations, data visualisation, layout and imagery.

High profile, high impact

When it comes to successful publishing in today’s hyper-crowded environment, we fundamentally believe that the approach of “bigger and better” is the key to piquing the attention of time-poor audiences. That’s why every single publishing project at Raconteur aims for the stars and is produced in the spirit of excellence

Special Reports

Published in print, exclusively for The Times or The Sunday Times, our special reports are a commitment to high-quality journalism and first-class production values. They cover the most pertinent topics through in-depth analysis and commentary from leading journalists and industry leaders.

Lead Generation

Our fully responsive website houses all of our content, including infographics, videos and user-generated content. On Raconteur.net, we offer our readers analysis on current affairs, business, finance, technology and healthcare.

Raconteur Agency

Our agency division works with brands to develop bespoke marketing collateral to service specific marketing needs. These can include one-of-a-kind customer magazines, market research projects, digital content hubs and other high-impact content marketing initiatives.

Brands who work with us