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Don’t let D&I fall by the wayside

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are key ingredients of organisational resilience, so businesses must ensure they are not forgotten amid coronavirus-related disruption

What is your “minimum viable company”?

The harsh reality of the coronavirus has forced many businesses to consider what comprises their minimum viable company and data audits are the first key step in assessing where risk lies

PTSD fears for frontline workers post-pandemic

Healthcare workers have risen to the challenge during the coronavirus pandemic, but the distressing events of the past few months could lead to long-term mental health problems

Why race is still a factor in antenatal care

Statistics show overwhelmingly that Black women are more likely to die during pregnancy than white women, and discrimination is often to blame for differences in treatment and support offered by healthcare professionals

How COVID got the NHS to digitally transform

The NHS adapted to the coronavirus outbreak at a rate previously considered impossible, but can this culture of rapid transformation last long term as normal service resumes?

US continues to lag behind with ESG

American investors are showing more appetite for responsible investing, but political and regulatory roadblocks are still standing in the sector’s way

Why ESG ratings need an overhaul

Investors and asset managers rely on environmental, social and governance ratings agencies but, without strict standards or regulations, is this system fundamentally flawed?

Investment sector must focus on its own diversity

Fund managers focused on environmental, social and governance issues may talk a good game when it comes to responsible investments, but how are their own firms performing when it comes to internal diversity and equality?

Why business continuity is crucial

‘Leaders should reinforce their organisation’s continuity and resilience capabilities in anticipation of future turmoil’

Feeding Britain post-pandemic

From adopting emerging technology to new business models, food businesses have adapted quickly to the changing demands of customers during lockdown, which may provide opportunities for growth