Why firms are wasting their cloud spending

Wasted cloud spending

Enterprises big and small are investing in cloud services that aren’t utilised, resulting in millions wasted each year, and the numbers are only likely to rise

How to unlock employee knowledge

AI Data and employee knowledge

Companies are using artificial intelligence to tap into human intelligence – employee knowledge that businesses often can’t access through conventional methods

Is tech making you lonely at work?

Workplace technology loneliness

Workplace technology has made it easier than ever to communicate, but are we missing out on truly human connections?

5 global initiatives to tackle falling birth rates

Exploring the measures and approaches taken by five different countries to reverse their declining birth rates

Baking sustainability into talent management

Sustainability and talent management

Want to be a truly sustainable business? You need to start hiring talent with sustainability credentials

Can microtasking solve the productivity puzzle?


Distractions take many forms in the workplace, so could breaking up large tasks into smaller bursts be the antidote to procrastination?

How 5G is reinventing the fan experience

5G sporting experience

From live-streaming video, mixed-reality experiences and real-time access to information, 5G is set to revolutionise the fan experience in and outside the venue

Open source technology, enabling innovation

The collaborative nature of open source technology is enabling innovation at an astonishing rate and could hold the key to future breakthroughs