Lead Generation

We deliver engaged leads, not just contacts

When you search for ‘lead generation services’ in google, 286,000,000’ results appear. How many of those services provide engaged leads? Hardly any.

No wonder 61% of marketers say generating traffic and leads is still their top challenge (Hubspot 2018).

Here at raconteur we practice what we preach and having ran several award winning lead generation campaigns for ourselves, we know what moves the needle and what doesn’t.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Award

We deliver engaged leads that start off as qualified prospects at the top of the funnel, which by the time we have passed them back to you, have gone through multiple touchpoints and engaged with a minimum of two pieces of content.

Our content first approach builds trust and engagement with your target audience and we can prove it by delivering metrics such as views, dwell times, scroll depth and downloads throughout.

The Raconteur lead engagement funnel

Lead generation funnel

Our process:

To ensure that the content we create is relevant to your audience we help you identify who they are, what will motivate them and what types of content they engage with.

The next step is to then work closely with a tier 1 journalist from your industry to create a thought provoking online article or infographic as your piece of hook content that will encourage downloads of a more in depth report that will sit behind a data capture form.

Alongside being hosted on raconteur.net, our digital expert will also run targeted paid campaigns to drive your target audience to your bespoke pieces of nurture content.

We are that confident on the quality of the leads we handover at the end of our lead engagement campaign that we even give you the opportunity to review them and reject the ones you don’t think are worthy.

Trust us to continue nurturing your engaged leads:

A Raconteur hosted roundtable on behalf of your brand.

Once we have completed our lead engagement campaign and successfully handed over the agreed amount of leads, we can also host a roundtable for your most engaged leads to give you a unique face-to-face opportunity with them. From providing the venue, inviting all potential delegates and managing the content on the day, all you have to do is simply turn up.

We will also provide an additional piece of content that you can use as a follow up when getting in touch with attendees.

Roundtable process

Get in touch to find out how we can work with you to deliver engaged leads for your brand.