Should we treat ageing like a disease?

Ageing disease

Could reclassifying 'ageing' as a disease or condition alleviate the suffering that accompanies getting older?

We’re living much longer, but are we healthier?

Increases in life expectancy will put unprecedented pressure on our healthcare systems. Exploring the science of ageing and our understanding of co-morbidities will be crucial in tackling this ‘longevity trap’

What does it mean to “unretire”?

Businesses should adapt and tap the experienced talent pool of older people who are increasingly working past retirement age

Sight loss a growing problem for ageing populations

Our ageing population is driving a rise in age-related macular degeneration, and there is a race against time to find new treatments

The changing face of ageing

As more older women reject frozen faces and pillow cheeks, there are new approaches to ageing well

‘Grey’ pound buys an ageless look

With a change in attitude to ageing, Alice Hart-Davis asks could it soon be cool to be old?

Technology can arrest NHS decline

The trauma of radical reform will take time to address, but the future wellbeing of the National Health Service depends on further responding to demographic challenges, writes Martin Barrow

Innovation is the mother of survival

If we stand still in healthcare, we go backwards. This is highly relevant in healthcare as there is no greater sector which has the ability to bring together developments in science and technology for the greater good of health and wellbeing, says Dr Kiran Patel