Why big brands are moving away from Amazon

Grid interface

Brands are choosing to forego Amazon and sell their products directly to consumers in an attempt to create a more personalised and immersive online shopping experience

Parcel delivery: should the customer be in charge?

man from parcel delivery companies looking at tablet in truck

Some experts predict increasing competition between parcel delivery companies could change traditional market dynamics, with logistics firms having to differentiate themselves to win the loyalty of online customers

A day in the life of the future customer

cartoon of woman looking in mirror illustrating omni-channel retailing

Exploring how one shopper of the future goes about her day reveals exciting possibilities for what’s in store for omni-channel retailing

How Amazon is shaking up how you get prescriptions

Online pharmacies, using pouch packaging technology, are disrupting the way medicines are dispensed

Will drones be delivering to doorsteps?

Intel drone

Can developing drone technology glide over pitfalls and regulatory hurdles to drop off parcels on your doorstep?

Who are the leading providers of cloud services?

Workers outside Amazon web services office

The lucrative cloud services market has seen a race for dominance and, although there are clear leaders, much is still at stake

Shopping with voice tech challenges brands

Amazon echo

Brands must adopt voice technology to avoid becoming lost in a brandless future of generic product types

How to compete with Amazon

Amazon warehouse

Some big players may appear to dominate the online marketplace, but there are lucrative opportunities for smart operators