Is the streaming bubble set to burst?

Streaming bubble to burst

New players in the over-the-top streaming battle are entering the fray, but with very little differentiating them, the market is in need of further disruption

Why companies must go about sharing IP with caution

Companies are collaborating in an effort to drive innovation, but sharing intellectual property is more complicated than it sounds

Chinese tech investment comes home

Economic hostility and sanctions exchanged between the United States and China will impact development of reality technologies, with winners and losers on both sides of the trade war

What could XR do for your business?

Return on investment in reality technologies can be protracted, such are the lengthy development times

Why businesses should cast aside competition for the better

Two business men shaking hands in window

When it comes to acting for the common good, however, we shouldn’t be striving to stand out, to subvert a competitor in the pursuit of our own agenda

Blending new and old

Financial institutions need to support traditional payment mechanisms while moving to embrace new digital channels demanded by customers – having the right technology in place is essential

Know your competitors

Many organisations create a patent or intellectual property landscape only when bringing a new product to market or when another business asserts a patent against them. Yet, maintaining a comprehensive, real-world understanding of the patents being filed and who is filing them can be a source of significant competitive advantage

Tech beating phone churn

Network providers and mobile phone companies are developing technology which is encouraging users not to switch, writes Nic Fildes