When poor marketing is holding you back


A great product means nothing if you’re not reaching the right people, but knowing where to start when marketing a small startup can be a daunting task

The chance to start your own business

An opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their own business with dedicated support and training from Amway

Why the cloud is perfect for startups

Why the cloud is perfect for startups

The cloud can help newcomers compete with established players and provide affordable, scalable resources to build a profitable business

New darlings of the investment world


Tax changes and developing investment channels have focused the investor spotlight on startups, so much so the moneymen are ploughing more cash than ever into new ventures

10 top UK startups

Digital UK Startups

Startups are known for their fresh approaches, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. Raconteur gives you the run-down of ten of the top UK startups, finding out what they do and why they’re hot

Investment tips from Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch

Mike Lynch, one of Britain’s most successful software entrepreneurs, tells Raconteur what to look for when investing in technology companies

Sound advice when you need it most


Selling a business can be one of the most joyous moments in life. It can also be one of the most challenging. The deal is signed. The champagne corks have popped. And the cohort of advisers head for the exit, leaving the entrepreneur alone to contemplate their new situation

Is ‘Innovation’ overrated?

Is Innovation overrated

It is the most overused term in business and innovation also has a darker, underexplored downside