What are dark patterns and how are they tricking me?

Dark patterns

Consumers are still largely responsible for protecting themselves against deceptive methods designed to make them part with more money or data online

Exploring the dark side of frictionless shopping

Frictionless shopping

We are increasingly, and probably unconsciously, relying on algorithmic recommendations when shopping online. But when friction is completely removed, what is the impact on our emotional and cognitive relationships with the buying experience?

Knowing how to sell to the over-65s

Over 65 shopping

The over-65s are thriving with online retail, so how can ecommerce brands ensure they are catering to several generations at once, each with their own characteristics and shopping habits?

Is social commerce revolutionising shopping?

Online sales have historically been dominated by traditional e-commerce, but that could all be about to change...

How to nail applied neuroscience

It won’t make them mind readers, but neuroscience is helping companies to understand customer behaviour in ways not previously possible

D2C brands making magic with packaging

With packaging now a vital part of the product proposition, innovative brands in the online direct-to-consumer (D2C) market are giving customers more than just a product, they’re using packaging to deliver an experience

How online pharmacies are improving patients’ lives

Pharmacists are becoming the first port of call for patients with minor illnesses as internet pharmacies take a greater share of dispensing drugs and GPs complain of increasing pressure

Five mistakes marketers should avoid in 2019

The modern internet has provided the worlds of advertising and marketing with abundance, in terms of tools, techniques, data and possibilities. But while everything that's new has been embraced, time-tested strategies of the past are viewed as ineffective and boring. Marketing thought leader Tom Goodwin explores the need for balance, and what marketers should avoid this year and beyond