Diversity at work: what I learnt as a white, male MD

Raconteur team - new focus on improving diversity in the worlplace

I’m a 33 year old, white, male, Managing Director in the media industry. And I have been looking at diversity and inclusion in the workplace from the wrong angle

How ingrained bias is harming female healthcare

How unbalanced participation in clinical trials and a basic misunderstanding of women’s health needs have resulted in unequal levels of public care

How #MeToo is making its mark on the events industry

From so-called booth babes to sexual harassment of women, sexism remains rife in areas of the events industry, and some organisers must try harder to set a more inclusive tone

Calling time on sexist stereotypes in advertising

New rules banning sexist depictions of women cleaning and men struggling to change nappies will force advertising to be more creative, instead of relying on harmful, outdated stereotypes

Glass ceiling keeps women from top jobs in law


Women are advancing in the legal profession, but sexist stereotypes may persist barring them from many of the top jobs

AI ‘victims’ of sexism answer back

AI sexism

Does gender matter in artificial intelligence? Does the fact that most virtual assistants default to female characters reflect outdated social norms and prejudices? Do developers and brands need a gender agenda?

‘Grey’ pound buys an ageless look

With a change in attitude to ageing, Alice Hart-Davis asks could it soon be cool to be old?

Top female entrepreneurs in beauty

Beauty industry icon bobbi brown shop front

Female entrepreneurs are successfully going it alone while women are increasingly breaking through the glass ceiling to take charge of major cosmetics companies, as Beatrice Aidin discovers